Server Time:


Game client 1,5Gb


The server is on maintenance!

Dear players we are working to improve the balance of the character classes
We will restart the server. The launch date of the server is not known yet!


Update 1.0.3

[+] Update Web Site - There are many opportunities on the site. Upgrade of items + Sale of back-bought items in the web store
[+] Add Brilliant Set - Kundun Mephis & Lemuria (Drop Elite Monster)


Update 1.0.2

[+] Added all Muuns from which fall eggs WereRabbit Egg, Lucky Bag Egg, Fire Flame Ghost Egg
[+] Added items to Lorencia bar store, reset Master points and regular points
[+] Added options to control Guardian mount HP loss
[+] Increased Ruud loot from monster and bosses.
[+] Added temporary wings from the Demons event.
[+] Extended existing lua formulas of Wind Soul skill
[+] Added Potion Exp controls
[!] Disabled event Doppelganger for repair
[!] Fixed PVP all class of characters not final. On new Season 17 update 3,4,5 come new settings. We need a lot of time to bring it to the ideal.
[!] Fixed drop Wings 3/5 now for 10 days. Drop rate reduced.
[!] Fixed drop on Nightmare boss.
[!] Fixed Selupan boss time changed. Now frequent. BossZoneClose increased to 300 seconds
[!] Fixed Summoner third bound wings viewport
[!] Fixed user does not spawn in safe zone after death in Kethotum maps
[!] Fixed Game Client crash
[!] Fixed Game Server crash


HOT Fix Update 1.0.1

[!]Fixed: Gremory Case
[!]Fixed: Mastery Pentagram Options decreasing ATK/DMG
[!]Fixed: game client stuck upon particular case of Lemuria character reset
[!]Fixed: Guardians do not lose HP during exp
[!]Fixed: required ingredients for Cloak of Innocence mix
[!]Fixed: Slayer MST skills (Weapon, Min/Max ATK Increase)
[!]Fixed: problem with disconnect
[!]Fixed: Dark Elf rollback reduced for 800 seconds
[!]Fixed: Decreased mana shield % for SM BOTS BUFF and BK BOTS BUFF
[+]Added: Two commands /clearbag - Allows to clear inventory from all items and  /cleareventinv - Allows to clear event inventory from all items
[+]Added: Ability to transfer FO.
[+]Added: Parts of BS DS 1-6 to Devias
[+]Added: Getting Wcoins from the Box of Kundun
[+]Added: Limit windows was increased from 2 to 5
[+]Added: New spots on Alkmaar, Ubaid, Debenter, Urk Montain, Nars, Ferea, Nixie Lake, Swamp Of Darkness, Scorched Canyon, Ashy Aida
[+]Added: Ruud Box in drop and rewards from bosses, events, CC and BC
[+]Update: Reward from events and bosses

Please all re-launch the game through the Launcher to update the client game!

🔥 Dear players. Use please ticket system on website or discord channel and any free administrator will help you with the solution of this issue. For an individual messages we cant normaly help you. We are 3 administrators  - soon check this problem and fix it. Just please write specifically in ticket system! If the problem exists, it will be fixed and you will be informed about it.

    This news can be updated and improved. Please follow the news !




Fix crash client

1) Hello all. If you have problems with game client and cant enter the game please Turn off windows firewall or your anti virus or add client file IGC.dll in exception. And unpack the game client again! Anti-viruses swear on a file IGC.dll since there is protection in it - file is safe !
2) If you are closing game client every 2 minutes or earlier use Launcher settings and change Resolution. Try any others and the problem will be fixed.



X5000 FUN SERVER Grand Opening January 8th.

Having done a lot of work, we invite all the players in our world server Mephis Mu Online. On our site, you can come-all of their ideas and dreams, starting with the good economy which affects trade and use exchange system , ending extracting the full game through things. Selling ANC + EXE items are not available in the game world, only separately. Keeping all items in the description of the server - with regard to the currency WCoins you can more quickly realize their dreams into reality. Use Reset System, Event"s, Kill bosses and get WCoins = Full game items! Choosing our server and you forget about the fact that such a disconnect, cheaters and lags in the game, speaking of balance, you will feel the excitement of playing the full articles in the PVP and PVE. So to say who first saw the winner and who is asleep and he lost! We wait for you on January 8th, on our server!

Server Version: Full Season 17.1-3
Experience: 5000x
Master Experience: 5000x
Majestic Experience: 5000x
Item Drop: 100%
Max Normal Level: 400
Max Master Level: 1000
Total Max Level (Normal + Master): 1400
Max Stats: 32,767

🔥 New Characters Kundun Mephis & Lemuria
🔥 New Map Burning Kethotum & Old Kethotum
🔥 New Weapons & Sets

+ All valuable currency is available in-game
+ X-Shop store with FO. items

+ Play Improvements
+ New characters, 4th wings, equipment items

Economic in the server:
* Zen
* Jewels
* WCoins - Web Credits you can change to WCoins

Bonus program:

🔥 Register and start play with start pack bonus
🔥 All bosses and event"s give you free WCoins
🔥 Vote for server and get free WCoins
🔥 ExChange system on Website
🔥 Referral System give you 50 Web Credits for each new player

🔥 Prizes for invited players


You can see the full and detailed description of the server here: Guides Faq

Opening time by country:

- Mexico / Peru / Colombia: 08 January 2022 at 07:00 AM

- Venezuela / Chile: 08 January at 09:00 AM

- Argentina / Brazil (Sao Paulo): 08 January at 10:00 AM

- United Kingdom / Portugal: 08 January at 13:00 PM

- Poland / Spain / Germany / Italy: 08 January at 14:00 PM

- Romania / Russia (Moscow) / Ukraine / Latvia / Lithuania / Bulgaria: 08 January at 16:00 PM

- Vietnam: 08 January at 20:00 PM

- Malaysia: 08 January at 21:00 PM

- Philippines: 08 January at 21:00 PM