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Game client 1,5Gb


Update 1.0.2

[+] Added all Muuns from which fall eggs WereRabbit Egg, Lucky Bag Egg, Fire Flame Ghost Egg
[+] Added items to Lorencia bar store, reset Master points and regular points
[+] Added options to control Guardian mount HP loss
[+] Increased Ruud loot from monster and bosses.
[+] Added temporary wings from the Demons event.
[+] Extended existing lua formulas of Wind Soul skill
[+] Added Potion Exp controls
[!] Disabled event Doppelganger for repair
[!] Fixed PVP all class of characters not final. On new Season 17 update 3,4,5 come new settings. We need a lot of time to bring it to the ideal.
[!] Fixed drop Wings 3/5 now for 10 days. Drop rate reduced.
[!] Fixed drop on Nightmare boss.
[!] Fixed Selupan boss time changed. Now frequent. BossZoneClose increased to 300 seconds
[!] Fixed Summoner third bound wings viewport
[!] Fixed user does not spawn in safe zone after death in Kethotum maps
[!] Fixed Game Client crash
[!] Fixed Game Server crash

Posted by admin, 28.3.2022