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Game client 1,5Gb


HOT Fix Update 1.0.1

[!]Fixed: Gremory Case
[!]Fixed: Mastery Pentagram Options decreasing ATK/DMG
[!]Fixed: game client stuck upon particular case of Lemuria character reset
[!]Fixed: Guardians do not lose HP during exp
[!]Fixed: required ingredients for Cloak of Innocence mix
[!]Fixed: Slayer MST skills (Weapon, Min/Max ATK Increase)
[!]Fixed: problem with disconnect
[!]Fixed: Dark Elf rollback reduced for 800 seconds
[!]Fixed: Decreased mana shield % for SM BOTS BUFF and BK BOTS BUFF
[+]Added: Two commands /clearbag - Allows to clear inventory from all items and  /cleareventinv - Allows to clear event inventory from all items
[+]Added: Ability to transfer FO.
[+]Added: Parts of BS DS 1-6 to Devias
[+]Added: Getting Wcoins from the Box of Kundun
[+]Added: Limit windows was increased from 2 to 5
[+]Added: New spots on Alkmaar, Ubaid, Debenter, Urk Montain, Nars, Ferea, Nixie Lake, Swamp Of Darkness, Scorched Canyon, Ashy Aida
[+]Added: Ruud Box in drop and rewards from bosses, events, CC and BC
[+]Update: Reward from events and bosses

Please all re-launch the game through the Launcher to update the client game!

🔥 Dear players. Use please ticket system on website or discord channel and any free administrator will help you with the solution of this issue. For an individual messages we cant normaly help you. We are 3 administrators  - soon check this problem and fix it. Just please write specifically in ticket system! If the problem exists, it will be fixed and you will be informed about it.

    This news can be updated and improved. Please follow the news !

Posted by admin, 28.3.2022